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Challenges and Opportunities 

Social Emotional Well Being 

Ensuring the social emotional well being of our school community: our students, their families, teachers and administrators for both Covid and non-Covid related issues.

Academic Excellence 

Creating pathways for all our students to achieve academic excellence.  Academic excellence is not determined by grades or standardize tests alone. Academic excellence embodies the total academic experience. 

Diversity and Inclusion 

Educating and celebrating the diversity of race, culture and all human identities. It's also establishing opportunities for all our students to participate in academic, social, recreational and community activities. Inclusion focused education and activities allow us the opportunity to create a diverse community. 

  • Listen and collect feedback from our students, families, teachers and administrators on the biggest challenges in these areas. 

  • Analyze data from several sources (feedback within our district, neighboring districts, districts of similar size, state, etc.)

  • Engage with experts in the field - let them help to inform us, so we can prioritize our action items 

  • Collaborate together to create comprehensive curriculum and support programs for Social Emotional Well Being, Academic Excellence and Inclusion to benefit and support our students, families, teachers and administrators in our Bedford School District. 

A sustainable educational experience that we build together, to benefit the students, families and educators in the Bedford School District. 

The First 90 Days - Listening Tour

  • Survey and Focus Groups: Pre-K, Davis, Lane, JGMS, BHS, Out of District- student, parents/caregivers, educators,  administrators and community members 

  • What does the data tell us on what’s going well, areas for improvement and big ideas for education in Bedford 

  • Collaborate together on our priorities for the short and long term

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